This is something of a departure for the excellent Toon Books line of comics for early readers. Zig and Wikki: Something Ate My Homework is non-fiction, intended to interest kids in science. Zig and Wikki are aliens, trying to capture something for the class zoo as a homework assignment. Zig is the one-eyed red one, with tentacle arms, while Wikki pops up factoids on his head screen. (That’s the educational part.) When they get lost and wind up on Earth, […]
I am leery of anyone who uses the phrase “true fan” unsarcastically, since judging whether or not anyone’s level of fandom is sufficient is a stupid thing to try to do, but I was interested in finding out what DC was promoting as key reading these days. Here’s the video from their DC All Access YouTube show, entitled “Top 10 DC Books Every True Fan Needs”, a list of “undisputed classics”. As expected, it’s superheroes, with the two best-known Vertigo […]
I’m thrilled to hear that Gina Gagliano at Random House Graphic will be publishing a new Andi Watson graphic novel! I have loved everything of his I’ve read, from the early works such as Slow News Day and Breakfast After Noon to the more recent kid-focused books Glister and Princess Decomposia and Count Spatula. Forest of Shadows, due 2020, is about a boy who “finds himself in a magical forest filled with untrustworthy creatures and spirits” when he gets lost, […]
Justin Stroman provides an excellent rundown of, as he puts it, “legal manga reading sites with either advertising and/or site wide mistakes that’s kind of crippling.” So, ok, you know going in that his experience wasn’t great, but it’s neat to know that there are options out there beyond Crunchyroll Manga and Mangabox (which is a weekly magazine app for mobile devices) and the publisher pay sites. He covers Manga Reborn, Renta!, Amimaru, Balloons & Chapters, Manga Samurai, and Manga […]
It’s what fans want — sort of. ComiXology has launched ComiXology Unlimited, an all-you-can-read browsing service. It’s $5.99 a month; you get a 30-day free trial; and it includes downloads for offline reading. What it doesn’t include is DC or Marvel titles. Publishers participating include: Image Comics Dark Horse Comics IDW Publishing BOOM! Studios Dynamite Entertainment Oni Press Archie Comics Valiant Entertainment Fantagraphics Humanoids Kodansha Comics The offerings are selected titles only, so check if there’s something you want before […]
Amazon last week released “100 Books to Read in a Lifetime“, a wide-ranging suggested reading list. They wanted to cover a full life, so it includes fiction, non-fiction, classics, modern works, and even children’s books. As for graphic art, it includes the following comic titles and related works: Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood by Marjane Satrapi, a graphic memoir about growing up in Iran Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth by Chris Ware, a design-heavy work steeped in […]
The JManga portal (link no longer available), a website selling English translated manga online direct from 39 Japanese publishers who form the Digital Comic Association, is now available (after being discussed for the last month). Features include 168 listed series, many of which are new to the U.S. Free previews Author interviews Manga sorted by genre — shojo, josei (both of which include yaoi), shonen, seinen, and kodomo (new to me, that term means “kids”) — and then subdivided under […]
Mark Crilley, dubbed “YouTube’s most popular art instructor“, is following up last year’s successful Mastering Manga With Mark Crilley with another set of lessons on how to create manga-styled comics. Mastering Manga 2: Level Up With Mark Crilley provides models for drawing basic body parts, such as eyes and other facial features, hands and gestures, and feet proportions and perspective on head shots, front, side, and three-quarter, female and male, using geometrically based guidelines the same for the entire body […]
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