Review by KC Carlson There are a lot of good reasons to recommend Tom and Jerry: The Chuck Jones Collection, the new two-disc collection from Warner Bros. The first is right there in the title — it’s all of Chuck Jones’ Tom and Jerry cartoons, whether as a producer, director, writer, or various combinations of all three. There are 34 cartoons in all. In fact, except for two notable non-T&J omissions, this set represents all of MGM’s theatrical cartoon releases […]
Review by KC Carlson Oh, what to do… what to do… One the one hand, the Tom & Jerry Deluxe Anniversary Collection might be an excellent “greatest hits”-type collection for the casual Tom & Jerry fan. On the other, if you’re a serious animation collector, you are going to be extremely frustrated and upset with this collection. On yet another hand (we are talking about cartoons, after all), this could be looked upon as yet another example of the WB […]
Bad Luck Chuck caught my attention due how interesting the premise was. It kept my attention by wrapping the concept in intriguing layers of story. It’s written by Lela Gwenn and illustrated by Matthew Dow Smith. Chuck Manchester has really bad luck. Like “the building burns down around her” bad luck. So she’s made a business, “Disaster on Demand”, out of it, hiring herself out as, for example, an untraceable arsonist. She’s just been hired to bring a daughter back […]
Review by KC Carlson Chuck is one of the best current shows on TV that you are not watching. For those of you who ARE watching Chuck, you probably already know that Chuck: The Complete Second Season is now available on DVD, including all 22 episodes, plus the 3-D episode in both standard and 3-D formats. (Two pairs of 3-D glasses are enclosed.) There are also numerous Special Features, including featurettes on the mythology of the show and of its […]
I haven’t watched Netflix’s Daredevil series, because I’ve heard that it’s more violent than I’m comfortable with. So I’m looking forward to the next Marvel streaming TV show because I hope it’ll be closer to what I enjoy. Plus, I like Kristen Ritter in the role of Jessica Jones. Now, there’s an atmospheric teaser that’s short on specifics, with the exception of the show release date: November 20, when all episodes will be available. Oh, we get the trappings of […]
Gerard Jones was a well-known comic book writer for DC in the 90s, with substantial runs on Green Lantern and Justice League Europe, among others. He also created and wrote Prime for Malibu Comics and did the English adaptation for several prominent Viz manga titles, including Dragon Ball and Ranma ½. Then he moved into writing pop culture analyses, with The Comic Book Heroes (a gossipy, at times oddly personal history of superheroes and their creators), Honey, I’m Home!: Sitcoms: […]
Joelle Jones, whose art I have adored in 12 Reasons Why I Love Her, Token, and You Have Killed Me, is now working on something very high profile: a graphic novel co-written by Janet Evanovich, the best-selling mystery writer, and her daughter Alex. Troublemaker, coming from Dark Horse on July 20, is expected to have an initial print run of 100,000, which is at least four times the usual number printed. Since Evanovich is credited with selling over 90 million […]
The Netflix Marvel TV shows announced a year ago — short series featuring Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage — have begun casting for their debut in 2015. First up, Krysten Ritter will play Jessica Jones in Marvel’s A.K.A. Jessica Jones. Ritter was most recently on TV as the lead in Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 and is also well-known for roles in Breaking Bad and Veronica Mars. I like watching her, and I think her […]