While reading this New York Times article about the drive to raise sake sales by suggesting pairings with Western food, I was reminded of reading Oishinbo a la Carte: Sake. That volume talks about how well sake pairs with seafood; so does this article. “Sake is surprisingly versatile,” [said Kensuke Shichida, the head of a centuries-old sake brewery in southern Japan]. “I’ve discovered it goes well with many Western recipes, perhaps even better than wine or beer.” Fresh oysters, for […]
Although I was wondering about the future of Life With Archie magazine, it looks like they’ll be around for at least four more months. Archie has just announced that an older version of their popular Kevin Keller character will be appearing in Life With Archie, and in issue #16 (due out January 2012), Kevin’s getting married to his “Mr. Right”. As suggested in the currently running Kevin Keller miniseries (in the Veronica comic beginning with issue #207), Kevin joined the […]
Tokyopop sent along some of their upcoming March releases for review. NG Life Volume 1 by Mizuho Kusanagi, $10.99 US Four-volume series High school student Keidai remembers his previous life in Pompeii. His love then, Serena, has been reincarnated as the new neighbor, Yuuma, a middle-school boy. His best friend then is now a female classmate, Mii, who at least listens to his memories that no one else shares. NG Life should make for enjoyable light comedy, but the impression […]
Cartoon College is a new documentary about The Center for Cartoon Studies. That school, founded in 2005 in White River Junction, Vermont, accepts 20 students a year to work towards a Master of Fine Arts degree focused on the comic medium. The film’s directors, Josh Melrod and Tara Wray, shot from 2007-2010, exploring “what it takes to make it in the world of indie comics”. They describe the graduates as “ready to face the uncertainty of a career in one […]
Although the most widely read English author in the world during her lifetime (and according to Doctor Who, “the most popular writer of all time”), it has been 40 years since Agatha Christie passed away, so her life and the stunning extent of her career may no longer be as well known to today’s mystery fans. Agatha: The Real Life of Agatha Christie, a graphic novel biography, should change that. Although I’ve read all of her novels and a good […]