Queenie Chan‘s atmospheric boarding school mystery The Dreaming has been reprinted in a single-volume bind-up of the three previous books. This re-release puts a new edition of the story on the shelves while the upcoming movie is being funded and entering production. Regardless of the motives, this single-volume edition is a superior way to read this suspense-filled tale. (And the original intent of the author; the publisher requested it be released in three separate books, which required some editing and […]
In this original graphic novel by Queenie Chan, twin girls enter a remote boarding school in the Australian wilderness. From the beginning, there’s an air of something wrong. The girls are warned that they must pretend they’re not twins, only sisters, because of an odd prejudice on the vice-principal’s part. Their aunt, headmistress of the school, leaves as soon as they arrive. The quieter, more sensitive girl begins acting in a way that worries her more outgoing sister. Disturbing pictures, […]
Tokyopop has announced a deal (link no longer available) to make a live-action movie of The Dreaming, Queenie Chan’s OEL manga series about a mysterious boarding school in the Australian wilderness. This “manga graphic novel series” (as the press release has it) originally ran three volumes, although Amazon has a listing for a Dreaming Collection due at the end of August. It sounds like Tokyopop plans to put out a single-volume omnibus of the story. Much emphasis is made in […]
Chris Ryall has announced that IDW Publishing will be releasing a collection of the first six issues of Love and Capes in November. I love this superhero romantic comedy.
After giving up on Ichigo Takano’s Dreamin’ Sun, I thought I’d try their Orange, because I was intrigued by the time travel aspect. (There’s a mini-boom in these “what if I knew then what I know now” manga, including Again!! and Erased.) Naho is a 16-year-old high schooler who gets a letter that says it’s from herself ten years in the future. It tells her not to invite new student Naruse to walk home with her and her group of […]
I thought Liz Prince’s first book, Will You Still Love Me If I Wet the Bed?, was charmingly cute in its portrayal of hipsters in love. But it’s been almost ten years since then (with Delayed Replays along the way), and Prince is now single and grumpy. Alone Forever: The Singles Collection collects her webcomic strips on the subject. The style is still raw and hand-lettered, as though we’re peeking into her sketchbook journal, but the figures and panel construction […]
Review by KC Carlson There are a lot of good reasons to recommend Tom and Jerry: The Chuck Jones Collection, the new two-disc collection from Warner Bros. The first is right there in the title — it’s all of Chuck Jones’ Tom and Jerry cartoons, whether as a producer, director, writer, or various combinations of all three. There are 34 cartoons in all. In fact, except for two notable non-T&J omissions, this set represents all of MGM’s theatrical cartoon releases […]
Review by KC Carlson Oh, what to do… what to do… One the one hand, the Tom & Jerry Deluxe Anniversary Collection might be an excellent “greatest hits”-type collection for the casual Tom & Jerry fan. On the other, if you’re a serious animation collector, you are going to be extremely frustrated and upset with this collection. On yet another hand (we are talking about cartoons, after all), this could be looked upon as yet another example of the WB […]