Finishing up my coverage of the Aurora Luv Luv titles … these are the three titles I haven’t yet covered from line of explicit sex manga for women. Make More Love & Peace by Takane Yonetani A sequel to Make Love & Peace, about the girlfriend of a cop. This series is the only one in the Luv Luv line (and it’s only two books), but regardless of format, it’s still their most rewarding read because it’s about more than […]
I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this romantic comedy by Aya Nakahara, especially coming in a book late. Love*Com is a classic pairing of opposites executed with believable teenage romantic confusion. Risa’s the tallest girl in the class, and Otani’s the shortest boy. Both have crushes on more typically attractive students, so they try to help each other. Unfortunately, their crushes wind up going out with each other, leaving the two misfits to bond out of desperation. […]
As volume 3 opens, tall girl Risa is figuring out her relationship with Haruka. They were friends when they were kids, but now he’s told her “I’m going to ask you to be my girlfriend,” and she’s not sure how she feels about that. (Bear in mind that if Haruka wasn’t a wuss, he would have asked her to go out with him instead of telling her he was going to ask her at some future time. He’s hedging his […]
I’m still enjoying this comedy romance series by Aya Nakahara, as each new book brings more complications. After her realization from volume 3, Risa finds herself in the position of being in love with a good friend who can’t pick up on the most obvious of hints. The gang heads off to the beach for summer vacation. Everyone but Otani knows about Risa’s crush, and they keep pushing her to do something about it. Her shy attempts in that direction […]
After finally telling Otani how she feels in volume 4, here Risa has to cope with the fallout. He’s not interested, and as a result, she’s still depressed. She took the chance and it didn’t work out as she hoped, so she’s walking through school like a zombie, causing all her friends to worry. In volume 5, she wishes things could get back to normal, but it’s not that easy to forget her declaration and his response. Either she’s trying […]
Say I Love You is a common type of shojo manga love story — loner high school girl is picked out and romanced by popular boy — that’s made special by art with josei touches. Mei won me over the same way she did Yamato. She’s been neglected by those she thought friends and bullied by other girls in her class, so she becomes a loner, trusting no one. Finally, when harassed by Yamato’s friend, who’s pulling up her skirt […]
As Say I Love You volume 2 opens, we’re at the beach. (If you want seasonal summer reading, manga’s the way to go.) More significant than seeing the very busty Asami in a bikini, though, are the flashbacks the loner Mei has. We learn why she wound up with no friends and no memories — an over-protective father went too far in trying to keep her safe. Say I Love You is different from a lot of other shojo manga […]
Former loner Mei is still getting used to her new relationship with popular boy Yamato. The world is full of rivals who want him, though, from Aiko, former fat girl embarrassed by her stretch marks, to Megumi, teen model who wants a “prince charming” who’ll look good next to her. She ropes Yamato into modeling with her as a pretend volunteer in Say I Love You volume 3 by Kanae Hazuki. Although Mei is open with him about her feelings, […]