Rumiko Takahashi, the most successful manga-ka in the modern era, author of such classics as Maison Ikkoku and Ranma ½, has started a new series. RIN-NE is being published simultaneously in the US and Japan. They get print, we get online. It’s about a schoolgirl who sees ghosts — a common manga concept, but one I’m sure Takahashi will put her own spin on. At the new website The Rumic World, you’ll also get news on Takahashi’s projects, including information […]
Deb Aoki has been posting a five-part series exploring the question of whether young comic creators inspired by manga will be able to make a living with their art. So far, three parts have gone up: Part 1 — why the art-related economy is broken Part 2 — problems with using the label “manga” for non-Japanese works Part 3 — what art school lacks in training young artists The pieces are based on Twitter conversations, and they explore a number […]
MTV has a five-page preview of the Gossip Girl manga from Yen Press. It didn’t give me the guilty thrill of watching the series, though. First, the narration is wrong. Instead of from a sardonic observer, the never-identified website owner, who both obsesses over and despises the people she covers, the voice here is Blair’s. Who is drawn more like a bikini model than the fashion follower and trend setter she is. I thought the other characters were generic — […]
Manga from Aurora, Deux (the yaoi line), and Luv Luv (sex comics for women) are now on deep discount sale for the holidays (link no longer available). (Perhaps I should say “still on sale”, since the last time I talked about Aurora, back in March, they were pricing similarly.) Most everything is four dollars a book, or if you buy sets, the savings are even greater. For example, all 8 Luv Luv titles for $15 (or about $2 a book). […]
I knew that there were a bunch of sites ripping images of manga titles out there, either scanlations or copies of the digital versions, but I hadn’t realized people were using YouTube to post videos of manga, turning the pages so you can read the whole thing by watching. I found this out because one of the big manga publishers is trying to shut it down legally. TorrentFreak reports that Shogakukan, one of Japan’s largest publishers and one of the […]
Last year, Digital Manga announced that they would be putting together an online guild to allow fans to assist them in translating manga in return for no money upfront but a percentage of (hopefully eventual) profits. Now Melinda Beasi will be exploring the Guild as a participant. With the company’s knowledge, she applied as an editor, took their test, and was accepted, three months later. She’ll be writing about her experience… but first, she has to find group members. Digital […]
Shaenon K. Garrity (link no longer available) wrote an excellent overview of those little artist side notes found mostly in shojo manga. She provides a number of hilarious examples to support the idea that if you Read enough of these notes, however, and you get the impression that shojo manga artists are both incredibly boring and completely insane. I was impressed that she did an entire column on the format without even mentioning the overused “I’m so sorry my art […]
Anime News Network has a story reporting that Young Ace magazine will be publishing a manga adaptation of the brilliant BBC series Sherlock. While there have been various Sherlock Holmes comics and manga in the past, this one will adapt specific episodes of the show written by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss and, based on the cover art, use the character likenesses of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, who play Holmes and Watson, respectively. In the comment thread, someone suggests […]