The Manga Guide to Statistics promises to combine education with entertainment, teaching “statistics with heart-pounding excitement!” That seems a bit much for a math comic book, but it refers to the storyline driving the lessons. When Rui first meets her father’s co-worker, Mr. Igarashi, who uses statistics in market research, she develops an instant crush. She asks her dad for a statistics tutor in order to get closer to him. Instead, she winds up with Mr. Yamamoto, a younger geek, […]
In past years, I’ve written a post titled “Best Manga of [Year]”. This year, I’m retitling. My manga reading has decreased, in part due to my interests swinging back a bit to graphic novels, in part due to what material has been available. This year, I’m just looking back at what I enjoyed reading this year. I’m still using similar criteria in determining “Best” for me — and looking back at last year’s post, even then, I was noting fewer […]
I wasn’t all that impressed by an earlier book in this series, The Manga Guide to Statistics, but I found this volume by Hideo Nitta and Keita Takatsu a big improvement. Like all the books in this series, The Manga Guide to Physics is written by an expert; in this case, a physics professor from Tokyo Gakugei University who is also a member of the International Commission on Physics Education. That means the explanations of mechanics are right on, as […]
Justin Stroman interviewed Lillian Diaz-Przybyl, former Tokyopop editor (and co-founder of Chromatic Press), who comments on her history with Tokyopop, why manga isn’t often available legitimately digitally, how online surveys don’t match sales figures, and what publishers can do about scanlation sites. She’s been involved with manga professionally for ten years and longer as a fan, so she’s got a good take on how access to the material has developed, from bootleg tape trading to digital downloading. Here’s one set […]
Followup to my review of The Manga Guide to Physics recommended this installment of the series because it featured a female instructor instead of the usual boy-helping-girl setup. The Manga Guide to Databases, written by Mana Takahashi and drawn by Shoko Azuma, is also more imaginative in its premise, going far beyond the usual “schoolgirl needs help in class”. The Kingdom of Kod sells its fruit, and in her father’s absence, Princess Ruruna is in charge. Various departments of the […]
Over at the Diagonal, the Vertical Tumblr, Ed Chavez, the Marketing Director for the notable manga publisher, has put out some insight into how manga volumes are priced. (I’m assuming that Ed handles the Tumblr. It’s not credited.) First, in relation to an announcement of two upcoming titles, a fan complains that the seinen titles (those manga aimed at adult males) are priced at $13 instead of $10. The response includes some key facts about Vertical’s pricing: All seinen releases […]
Ed Chavez, Marketing Director at manga publisher Vertical, has been answering a bunch of questions online recently, and his comments are quite informative. One that particularly struck me was this answer (link no longer available) to the question as to whether manga is becoming more niche. Knowing that seinen still lacks, even though vocal fans ask for it, kinda tells me that readers either grow out of manga or only stick with a specific type of it… Essentially pigeonholing it […]
I had heard of Beautiful Creatures as a movie, a gender-swapped attempt to cash in on the Twilight audience with a paranormal romance based on a popular novel series. I wasn’t likely to either read or see it, so a comic version seemed a great way for me to sample the story. Ethan is stuck in a small Southern town. He’s pretending not to be as smart or bored as he is, biding time until he can leave. Then Lena […]