Via Mark Fossen, how do you read manga? I try to start at volume 1, keeping an eye on new series as they launch. If I like it, I’ll get caught up to whatever they’re at, reading several books in the series at a time. Then I’ll follow them as they release new volumes. When a new book of a favorite series comes out, I may reread the last one or two in preparation for it. If I don’t care […]
We’ve learned, in this brave new age of sharing, that content publishers want their material valued piece by piece. Their thinking seems to go, no matter how bad the movie, it should be worth at least $15 to buy a digital copy, given their costs and the value of their libraries. Sites like Netflix and Pandora, though, realize that customers don’t want to worry over every little transaction. They want rich libraries to browse through for one monthly fee (or […]
Sarah Graley put out Kim Reaper through Oni Press last year, with a collection in February. Now a sequel has been announced. Kim Reaper: Vampire Island is a four-issue miniseries that brings back Kim and Becka. College relationships are tough for everyone, but they’re EXTRA hard for Kim. Her grumpy grim reaper bosses are always mad at her, her girlfriend Becka’s roommate keeps hanging around, and now everybody is super into vampires for some reason! And she accidentally let slip […]
Marvel has announced that for the next week, you can get a free digital bundle of Black Panther comics. Long Live the King! This February, Marvel is celebrating Wakanda Forever and the reign of King T’Challa by offering a FREE digital bundle of the following five Black Panther comics for a limited time. The titles are (credits added by me): Black Panther #1 (the current series, by Ta-Nehisi Coates & Daniel Acuña) Black Panther #1 (the 2005 series, by Reginald […]
I got a chance to look over some of the upcoming comics for Free Comic Book Day, which is this Saturday, May 5, and these were the ones I recommend seeking out. I couldn’t check out all of them, because 50 titles is just too many, and the licensed books — those based on comics or videogames — are usually of interest just to those who already watch or play the source material. (I tried to read the Viz Pokemon […]
To mark the upcoming print release of Tokyo Ghoul volume 2, out August 18, Viz has made a substantial preview (over 130 pages) of Tokyo Ghoul volume 1 available at for a limited time. The horror series by Sui Ishida is “about the dark world of the flesh-eating Ghouls that live in secret all around us.” It won him the Young Jump 113th Grand Prix award in 2010 and debuted as a series in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in […]
Abridged Classics: Brief Summaries of Books You Were Supposed to Read But Probably Didn’t is exactly what it says — a whole collection of short (one- or two-panel) cartoons about a whole bunch of famous books. It’s a good blend of content. Some of the books I’ve never heard of, such as Ivanov or To the Lighthouse, and a few, you need to know the work to get the joke, but most are familiar, just through cultural absorption, and thus […]
Through the end of the month, DC Comics has made the first two issues of the digital comic series DC Super Hero Girls: Past Times at Super Hero High free! Their announcement has the details and promo code — you’ll need a ComiXology account — as well as some preview pages from the latest issue, number 8, in which Batgirl and Harley Quinn meet Amelia Earhart and Emily Dickenson. I liked the issues I’ve read, by Shea Fontana and Agnes […]