In 2015, Udon Entertainment announced that they would be publishing Riyoko Ikeda’s classic shojo manga Rose of Versailles. It’s about a woman dressing as a man and protecting Marie Antoinette as commander of her palace guard. It’s very frilly and starry-eyed, as suits its original 70s period of creation, but it’s also historically significant as an influential story. In early 2018, the publisher provided an update on their publishing plans. Now, the book is available for preorder, and I know […]
I knew that there were a bunch of sites ripping images of manga titles out there, either scanlations or copies of the digital versions, but I hadn’t realized people were using YouTube to post videos of manga, turning the pages so you can read the whole thing by watching. I found this out because one of the big manga publishers is trying to shut it down legally. TorrentFreak reports that Shogakukan, one of Japan’s largest publishers and one of the […]
Square Enix, best known in the US as the video game company behind Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider, Kingdom Hearts, and Space Invaders, has announced that they will be launching “a new line of English-language manga, novels, and art books” this coming fall. Previously, they have licensed their manga titles to existing English-language publishers, including Fullmetal Alchemist (Viz), Soul Eater (Yen Press), and Black Butler (Yen Press). Their first releases will be a Final Fantasy XV novel, The Dawn of the […]
Kodansha has a robust digital-first manga program. (They emphasize calling them “digital-first”, instead of “digital-only”, since a few of the more popular titles have later been released in print.) Their newest announcement, of a title coming to their various digital outlets on April 23, stunned me, since it’s a manga series that many said would be too challenging to release in the US. Hikaru Nakamura, author of Arakawa Under the Bridge, has also created a more infamous story, about two […]
This is a major change without much detail behind it yet. Viz Media, the long-standing publisher of translated manga, has been operating in the US since 1986. It’s owned by three major Japanese publishers. Many observers of the comic market, coming out of the superhero world, don’t pay attention to just how substantial they are. They have almost a quarter of book market graphic novel sales, far above any other publisher. Now they have announced that they are launching Viz […]
I’ve been enjoying Cells at Work!, the manga series by Akane Shimizu that anthropomorphizes red and white blood cells and dramatizes various body processes. Kodansha Comics has released five volumes in English so far, with volume 5 out last November. (I’m not sure what’s going on with volume 6. The February Previews catalog had a listing for it, due out mid-April, but that code now shows “item not found”. Amazon has a release date of 2080, which means its unavailable […]
Food manga is my favorite manga category. Whether it’s the heartwarming family cooking of Sweetness & Lightning or What Did You Eat Yesterday? or the fantasy of Otherworldly Izakaya Nobu or the solo woman restaurant visits of Not Love But Delicious Foods Make Me So Happy! or Wakako Zake, sharing the vicarious experience of a tasty meal is a great read. So I’m glad to hear that Dark Horse will be releasing its first food manga, Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen […]
In an interview with Stu Levy at ICv2, the Tokyopop CEO gave some more information about the company’s plans to reprint Aria. Kozue Amano’s Aria (and its two-volume predecessor series Aqua) was a beautifully illustrated light science fiction series about girl gondoliers on a future Mars that looked a lot like historical Europe. The appeal to me was the mood it created, about appreciating nature, seasonal change, and the small moments of daily life. The first three volumes were first […]
This year, Kodansha is celebrating 10 years of publishing manga in English. For the “10 Years of Kodansha Comics” event, every month, they will spotlight a classic series. The January title is Akira by Katsuhiro Otomo, first published by Kodansha in October 2009. They have since released a hardcover Akira 35th Anniversary Edition Box Set, which won Eisners last year for Best Archival Collection/Project — Comic Books and Best Publication Design. It’s the story of motorcycle gangs in the post-apocalypse […]
Screw piracy! You want to read manga for free, at the same time it’s available in its home country? Viz is there for you! As of next Monday, December 17, the manga publisher will be releasing chapters digitally weekly, simultaneously with Japan, on or via their app. Titles include One Piece, My Hero Academia, Boruto, and Dragon Ball Super. What’s the catch? To read chapters beyond the three most recent, you have to become a member for archive access, […]
Kodansha has announced, for the next week, an almost 50% off sale for over 800 volumes of digital manga. This is the time to buy, as $6 (for example) makes a lot more sense for a digital volume than $11. Sale ends Monday, November 12. If you’re looking for some recommendations, here are series I’ve enjoyed: Is Kichijoji the Only Place to Live? — reviewed here Tokyo Alice — reviewed here Those Summer Days Perfect World The Full-Time Wife Escapist […]
In amongst more isekai titles — although the press releases meant I learned that word, which describes a normal person trapped in another universe, usually a fantasy or video game world — Seven Seas will be releasing some interesting-sounding titles next year. The most prominent is Blank Canvas: My So-Called Artist’s Journey, a manga autobiography by Akiko Higashimura, who created the much-loved Princess Jellyfish and Tokyo Tarareba Girls. It’s due out May 21, 2019. High schooler Akiko has big plans […]
It’s a common plotline in the many manga series that deal with some aspect of the entertainment industry: “We can’t reveal our romantic interest in each other because we’ll lose our careers! Our managers won’t let us date!” Now, it’s happened in real life, and it made the NY Times. Two of South Korea’s pop idols, HyunA and E’Dawn, have learned of the painful cost of falling in love and declaring their relationship in public: On Thursday, they were fired […]