Writer G. Neri has a cousin, Gail Ruffu, who’s an opinionated horse trainer working to make racing a more ethical sport. She was also the first person in 150 years to be charged with Grand Theft Horse, taking her case for rescuing an injured thoroughbred all the way to the California Supreme Court. Here he tells her story, illustrated by Corban Wilkin. It’s a gripping tale of dedication and a real-life fight for justice. This graphic biography is all the […]
I was anticipating Ru Xu’s EndGames, the sequel to NewsPrints, because I enjoyed the previous book, a steampunk-y tale of the first girl newsboy in a world at war. Unfortunately, EndGames was almost exactly what I didn’t want to read. I missed the individual character work with Blue and Crow, the AI built to fly warplanes. Instead, it’s a story of two countries at war and the machinations involved with empire-building and hereditary royalty. Given that the two lands are […]
Science Comics: Cars: Engines That Move You is an excellent companion to First Second’s Maker Comics: Fix a Car! While that book concentrates on taking care of a vehicle, this graphic novel by Dan Zettwoch focuses on understanding how they work and came to be with incredibly comprehensive, well-cartooned content. The book covers, among other topics, some history of vehicle travel the physics of combustion and how engines work the history of the wheel and the steam engine the development […]
The Unstoppable Wasp #5 is a Very Special issue that explores bipolar disorder. Nadia, the new Wasp, in a manic episode, doesn’t realize that her compulsion to protect her friends is actually hurting them. It’s written by Jeremy Whitley with art by Gurihiru. I’ve been fascinated by a similar idea since Hal Jordan became Parallax in Zero Hour. Superheroes are vigilantes, which means by definition, they rely on their own judgement of what’s right and wrong without an established structure […]
It is so great to have a new series launching in connection with a big-screen movie that is so very readable and approachable! I knew that would be the case, though, since it’s written by Kelly Thompson (Jem and the Holograms, Nancy Drew, A-Force), who does a wonderful job modernizing concepts, particularly those revolving around female friendship. And that’s what won me over here, that the opening fight, against a sea monster, teams up Captain Marvel with Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman. […]
It doesn’t surprise me that Tom Haugomat has an animation background, since Through a Life is broken up into tiny, cinematic moments about seeing. It’s a unique format. Most two-page spreads consist of a small image establishing the setting on the left, with a date and place line showing where Rodney is and what he’s looking at, and then on the right, a picture of what he sees. (The format is occasionally opened up for a particularly important image that […]
Warner Bros. Home Entertainment was kind enough to send me a review copy of the on-everyone’s-wish-list Batman: The Complete Animated Series Blu-ray set. Due to the incredible demand, as indicated by the huge increase in the print run, I didn’t get any of the extras, so I can’t speak to those, but I was thrilled to be able to check out the new movie-length feature, “The Heart of Batman”. There are 10 Blu-rays in the set (not counting the movies). […]
Sequart Organization, a publisher of books and films “devoted to the study of popular culture and the promotion of comic books as a legitimate art form”, has released two of their documentaries about cult comic creators on YouTube for free viewing. Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods was produced in close collaboration with Morrison and features extensive interviews with him, as well as never-before-seen photos and documents spanning his childhood to the present day. Complimenting Morrison’s own words are interviews with […]