Out now is the collection of the Doctor Who: The Seventh Doctor miniseries from Titan Comics. “Operation Volcano”, written by Andrew Cartmel and illustrated by Christopher Jones, collects the three previous issues. Optimistically, it’s subtitled Volume 1. I’d like it if there were more. As I said in my reviews of issue #1 and issue #3, this series did a lot of things right. The official description: An unknown alien intelligence in orbit around the Earth. Astronauts under attack. A […]
At the 2018 Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF), I had the pleasure of attending a panel on “How to Launch a Comic Book Club”. I am part of a comic club in Madison, Wisconsin, so I was curious to see how this was similar and different. Led by Philippe Leblanc, the panel was more of a discussion group, which I appreciated. It was informative hearing the questions others had as well as Leblanc’s suggestions. Unfortunately, co-moderator Helen Anderson, who hosts […]
This past summer, IDW started changing up its leadership team. The CEO and founder was replaced. The head of the entertainment arm left. Now comes news of more changes: President and Publisher Greg Goldstein is stepping down so that former Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall can return to IDW Publishing as President, Publisher, and Chief Creative Officer. Ryall “will be charged with ongoing creative expansion efforts within the company, as well as continuing to work closely with partners and licensors.” The chairman […]
Copperhead was a space western series written by Jay Faerber, illustrated by Scott Godlewski, and published by Image Comics. It launched in fall 2014, and I kind of liked that its lead character was a woman sheriff new in town. I drifted away from the series, though, as it started wandering into political conspiracies, con artists on the run, and other elements I found overly familiar. There have been four collected editions so far, each reprinting four or five issues: […]
I know why many comic publishers aren’t very good at selling books to movie fans. There are a whole variety of reasons, ranging from selfishness (“I want comics like I read when I was a kid!”) to idiocy (“why would we want more women and other people reading comics?”) to simple inertia (“the way we’ve always done things is good enough”) and fanboyishness (“we’ve already told that story so let’s do something unusual!”) and greed (“why have one comic title […]
I wasn’t familiar with the work of Debbie Tung until I read and enjoyed Quiet Girl in a Noisy World: An Introvert’s Story. Next week she has a followup coming out. Book Love is what it sounds like, a collection of cartoons for those who love reading. The single-page strips aren’t particularly punchline-driven — the appeal comes from the familiarity. Anyone whose favorite activity is enjoying a good book or anyone who always has trouble figuring out what book to […]
The Wild Ocean anthology, edited by Matt Dembicki, was produced with PangeaSeed, an ocean conservation organization, so it’s got an obvious message — ”to showcase 12 iconic endangered ocean animals” in order to encourage changes in human behavior when it comes to pollution and overfishing — but the following 12 stories are inspiring, all the same. “Tortuga, the Island That Swims” by Jay Hosler, about a hawksbill sea turtle’s life cycle and the other creatures that live on its shell […]
The team behind Action Philosophers! — writer Fred Van Lente and artist Ryan Dunlavey — have returned with an entertaining look at key men and events in American history, beginning with the two most famous Presidents. The attitude behind the series is apparent from the beginning. As narrated by Noah the Historkey (a history turkey), the George Washington! book begins with the best-known fable about Washington, which is promptly denounced as both “boring” and told by a “well-known liar.” Instead, […]